A kind of comic book life: Interview with Kirsty Mordaunt

Kirsty Mordaunt - Manga Studio portrait

Kirsty Mordaunt – Manga Studio portrait

In November 2013 I featured a favourite web comic ’164 Days’, created by the talented Kirsty Mordaunt. I’m delighted to post an interview with Kirsty, which she kindly agreed to do via email, answering some questions regarding her work as a comic writer and artist and details behind the origins of the charming, intriguing, story featuring the Andersen family and Ysendra the Weatherwitch.

164 Days has been running online since August 2011. Have you found that the way you approach the story has changed over time? Do you keep an outline or written notes on the story line and character development for the future?

I can’t believe I’ve been doing it for that long! I’ve found over time I learned to be a lot more ruthless with what I cut out of the original plans – it was written as a prose story rather than in script form. I love to write dialogue but I had to learn to remove pieces that were unneeded and did not push the plot forward.

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Sparkling thread butterflies

GW butterfly

Time seems to have been moving really fast since I posted three weeks ago, as it has been filled with embroidery-related projects, one of which was completing the above goldwork butterfly as a gift. There will be some more sewing-related posts coming soon, which I hope will be helpful for anyone who is interested in trying goldwork for the first time.

I’m also delighted that the next post coming this week will be a wonderful interview with Kirsty Mordaunt, the creator of the webcomic 164 Days, which was previously featured last year in ‘A kind of comic book life’ series. Keep tuned!

The Internet Watch Foundation vs. WordPress: An epic and ongoing saga


In my previous post regarding the recent difficulties for UK WordPress account users who are customers of internet service providers Sky, TalkTalk and BT,  I had limited time to research the previous actions of the Internet Watch Foundation and their ‘licensees’ – the internet service providers who are their clients for advisory lists.

After some lengthy searches, I came across an article on the Open Rights Group website.

‘Why WordPress bloggers were blocked by TalkTalk’, written by Peter Bradwell, is the only specific article I have been able to find that discusses the IWF and an ISPs actions regarding WordPress. The article makes it clear that this is not the first time, in less than six months even, that ISPs have shown difficulties with their implementation of advisory information provided by the IWF.

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The Internet Watch Foundation vs. WordPress: The silence of accountability

WP screenshot 12-03-14To the vast array of bloggers, site managers and content users; a hosted service interruption can be anything from a mild irritation to a huge hassle, depending on the issues involved. But what happens when services are blocked or interrupted through the influence of an ‘official’ outside agency?

On 10th March I tried to log-in to this blog’s admin facility, the WP Dashboard. For the first time in nearly two years of running this blog I saw the message ‘Server connection dropped’ at about a four second count from my clicking on the bookmarked link to the message appearing in my Safari browser window.

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Magical, mysterious books

Magical books side view

I’ve featured TeoStudio before in the Artists and Artisans Create series of posts, but one of the most fabulous gifts I was given for Christmas 2013 is more than worth giving a mention to if, like me, you have a fascination for elaborate hand-bound books.

Whether you’re a fan of fantasy books or films, gothic romanticism, computer games like Cyan’s Myst series: one of the often featured elements is books. Whole libraries of mysterious and arcane tomes that have curious bindings, locks, magical protection spells, portals to other worlds or even books that possess a will or life of their own.

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Review: a-England – Dancing with Nureyev

a-England Dancing with Nureyev

a-England is a fairly new brand for me as I only came across them six months ago, having seen fabulous review swatches for Fated Prince and Sleeping Palace on Swatch and Learn.

When it comes to nail polish there are lots of eye-grabbing puns and references used these days, but for me a-England has names that instantly make me want to wear them. This is particularly true for Dancing with Nureyev. It is from the 2014 Ballerina collection of four polishes; one which is named after the Rose Adagio from Swan Lake and three that are named after two of the most famous ballet dancers (and their legendary on-stage partnership) of the Twentieth Century: Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev.

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Review: By Terry Cover Expert

By Terry Covert Expert

Like many make-up fans; I’ve had a foundation that I’ve stuck with for ages, Laura Mercier Silk Crème, as being my favourite. After using one product for so long there’s always that nagging question of if there’s something new or different that might be even better, so I started to look around in the ongoing quest of ‘what’s the perfect foundation for me?’

Reading so many enthusiastically positive reviews online about By Terry Cover Expert I saved to buy it in Fair Beige, as it’s definitely the most expensive of high-end foundations I’ve used regularly.

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A kind of comic book life: Berlin

Berlin by Jason Lutes

Berlin by Jason Lutes

Berlin, an ongoing series by American creator Jason Lutes, was one I first heard about it in 1996 when it was originally published by Black Eye Press (it is now published by Drawn & Quarterly).

Berlin is a historically set comic; the first chapter in the collected volume City of Stones opens in 1928. It follows one of the main characters, Marthe Müller, a young woman from Köln, travelling on a train to Berlin to begin studying at art school. What follows is a grand, elaborate and complex view of what will become the final days of democracy in the Weimar Republic as the fascist NSDAP (the National Socialist Party) becomes the leading political and cultural force in the country.

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Ciaté Giveaway Winners

Ciaté giveaway sets 1-3

Thank you to everyone who entered the Ciaté mini polish giveaway! Three names have been drawn randomly out of a hat and congratulations go to the following winners:

Set 1: Catherine at Miss Happy’s Beauty Blog

Set 2: Kirsty at Fashion For Lunch

Set 3: Ms. J Fotheringham

I’ll be sending this notice by email too, so please do check to see if you’ve received a message. Once postal addresses are confirmed I’ll be posting the giveaway prizes.

Many thanks to Ginger Loves Make-up for kindly re-blogging the giveaway too.

I look forward to running another giveaway later this year for U.K and international readers this time, so look out for an announcement around June.