Along for the Journey

I’m really delighted today to receive a wonderful polymer clay jewellery piece I bought on Etsy at this store: The Kawaii OD. Huge thanks to Amber for her lovely, super-cute, Journey figure.

Journey figure by The Kawaii OD

If you’ve never heard of Journey, you’ll want to follow the embedded link as it’s nothing at all to do with the classic North American rock band but the Sony PS3 game. You can also read more at thatgamecompany (who created it).

The really incredible thing about this game is the way that it has touched the imagination and emotions of so many people worldwide, whether they think of themselves as regular gamers or not. I’m only an occasional gamer, although I have my own PS3, and in its unique way Journey has made probably more of an impact on me than the first time I played Final Fantasy VIII (the first time I ever played an RPG).

You only need visit a website such as Journey Stories to see the incredible amount of work people have put into all kinds of paintings and drawings, stories, craft projects, computer graphics and clothing. (If you haven’t played Journey and want to, the site does have some big spoilers as people share their experiences freely.)

Screenshot of Journey wallpaper by Trapiki @ DeviantART

What is particularly funny, for me, is that the first time I played Journey, back in April, for the first fifteen to twenty minutes I totally did not get it. I even came out of the game at the first save point feeling rather baffled. I came back to it the next day though, and this is what I wrote in the first week of Journeying. Please note it does have spoilers!

The first time

Then I arrived in the Desert area. Another Journeyer, the first I’d seen, was running off into the distance; on their own journey to wherever they were going. I didn’t want to interrupt their chosen path, so I watched them until they vanished from view. Another Journeyer appeared a little later. As they walked towards me I was entranced by all the lines of beautiful gold markings and long scarf of their red robe. We sang to each other and I realised they were offering to guide me.

They showed me the flower in the desert, I didn’t know what it was then. Along the way we kept singing, chasing around each other, flying up and ski-ing down the sand dunes. Just for fun, because we could.  It was a faded memory from childhood renewed to vividness. The days when you could keep on running, forever, for the sheer joy of movement.

My journey continued without them, I lost them at the underground city. I didn’t realise immediately that my fellow traveller was a new and different arrival.  I met several more Journeyers and we shared moments of discovery in different ways, including a newbie like me who was attacked by the flying guardians on the mountain. I was sorry that I didn’t know how to help them. At the end I was alone. I wished that the first Journeyer had been with me.

I didn’t know then that you could match the glyphs to the person when the whole experience was over. I wanted to thank that first Journeyer who shared the way with me for a little while.

This is my thank you now.

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