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The pros and cons of your coloring books obsession

Coloring books are no longer just a child’s pastime. Adult coloring books are a thing now too.

In fact, coloring books for all ages have become more popular than ever, with about 12 million sold in the United States last year, according to new data from Nielsen BookScan. Only one million were sold in 2014.

The trend of more adults turning to coloring in an effort to de-stress has contributed to this rise.

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But exactly what benefits — or potential disadvantages — does swapping out a beach read for a coloring book offer both children and adults alike? Some researchers agree that while coloring books may be beneficial for mindfulness and reducing stress, it’s probably better to draw instead of to color to boost creativity.

Still, very few studies have been conducted to evaluate that question, according to Shannon Bennett, co-director of the Weill Cornell Pediatric OCD, Anxiety, and Tic Disorders Program at NewYork-Presbyterian.

“This is important for the field to explore and more research is needed,” Bennett said. “This phenomenon is increasing in popularity and is somewhat new and the focus seems to be around stress.”