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Factors That Influence Social And Emotional Development In Children:

First, it is important for you to remember that the development of each child is unique and complex. There might be slight or huge differences in the social and emotional development of your child, as it is associated with a number of factors. Many factors affect the way children express their social and emotional competencies.

Some similarities are found between the emotional development of parents and children. These are the hereditary factors.

As your child develops mentally, she also becomes emotionally matured. Psychologists say that the child’s emotions depend upon her maturity level.

John B. Watson, an American psychologist, has stated that children learn from conditioning. An experiment was conducted on a nine-month-old baby, who was shown a rat to the child and a lot of noise was made in the background. Later it was observed that baby started crying by merely looking at the rat.

Likewise, if there is an expression of physical love in the family, the baby also expresses her love by contact, kisses, or hugs.

Children who have sound health can control their emotions in a better way while those who remain weak show irritability, excitement and unstable emotions.

Intelligent children are also emotionally stable. Those with low intelligence are low in stability as well.

Relations in the family and the way they express their emotions affect the emotional development of a child. If the parents have stability in their behavior and express their feelings in a balanced manner, the children also follow in their footsteps.

If parents are violent, children also adopt the same. If you over pamper your children, there are chances for them turning indisciplined and obstinate. On the contrary, if you do not show any affection, they become introvert and submissive.

Just like family, the society, too, influences a child’s emotional development. If the environment is emotionally charged, the child becomes emotionally unstable. If people are stable and have control over their emotions, the child also remains so. They learn to control their emotions and try to conform to socially acceptable behaviour.
Managing emotions for a sound physical and mental health is necessary. When your child is emotionally charged, several changes, like a change in pulse rate, blood circulation, stretching of eyes, an effect on the digestive system and more, occur in the body.

Why Is Social Development In Children Important?

Your kids need to develop healthy social and emotional skills. It is very important you help them do so, as it would help them to:

Nurture relationships
Master the qualities of initiating, discovering, learning and playing
Create attention and persistence
Control and regulate their behavior
Develop a control over their emotions