Daring nails for the undaring

I love make-up; eyeshadows, lipsticks, tinted moisturisers, foundation, liquid liners, highlighter powders and creams, brushes, you name it and I’ve probably bought at least one example of it some time. Every day does not have to be a full make-up day but it’s a small pleasure of its own to open my cosmetics case. It reminds me of looking at a picture book idea of a pirate’s treasure chest with glimmers, textures, sparkles and deep hues.

There is one product that is less well-represented: nail polish.

I’ve never really got along with the stuff, whether that was a home or professional manicure (I’ve had two proper manicures and they didn’t do anything dramatic for me. Apart from the first time where the manicurist made one of my fingers bleed). In each home attempt there was always something rather disappointing about it; either the colour didn’t seem right, the polish was gloopy or smelly to apply or I got bored with it part of the way through and finished only with reluctance. Eventually the polish would be thrown away, I accepted it wasn’t my thing and forgot about trying again.

Except that recently I had a mini-revelation of the nail kind. It’s all owed to a friend who casually delivered a compliment by saying; “You’re lucky your nails grow long, you should really do something with them”. Tales of nail polish woe followed, but, being the persuasive person they are, they suggested I try something completely different. Something that the undaring me would never usually think of wearing.

Rococo Nail Apparel Embellish Kit – Supergloss Black

When I found the Rococo Nail Apparel Embellish kit at SpaceNK my friend gave encouraging noises. I’m about as far away from a gothic/rock/bling look person as you can get, so it definitely grabbed my attention.

What to do with it? If applying nail polish was already a chore, then how on earth would it be possible to get the little crystals into place? Thank the internets! Nail art – How to create Swavroski crystal nails is a really clear and helpful guide.

My first attempt is below – I know it’s hardly the most precise or intricate example of nail art, for me it was the moment I finally got the point of nail polish. Thank you Rococo Nail Apparel, I salute you!

The finished article