Scotch eggs

Scotch eggs are one of those picnic/snack items that make me queasy. The first time I tried one (a pre-packaging, commercial brand) it left the indelible thought that eating a cold, wet flannel would have been more delicious by comparison. Soggy breadcrumbs, a thin layer of some mechanically retrieved meat paste and an egg that smelled unpleasant. I’m sure the experience increased my dislike of hardboiled eggs generally, I avoided eating Scotch eggs again for years.

Scotch eggs - I haz a sad

I was a little downcast when my other half came back from a work trip declaring that he’d had the best Scotch eggs ever at a catered buffet and did we have any recipes we could try at home? As I’ve somehow managed to end up with 40 cookery books (and more will come, I’m sure), wobbling piles of recipe cards, a bursting folder of magazine and newspaper cuttings, it looked like there was a fair chance one could be found.

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