Yum, nachos!

Nachos with black beans, salsa and sour cream

Nachos with black beans, salsa and sour cream

Before getting to the nacho recipe: thank you to recent visitors who’ve decided to follow Imagination is spicy! I’m delighted if you’ve found this blog through the recent Photographs on a Friday featuring Mr. Bowie the cat.

I’m aware some newer readers follow a non-carnivorous, plant-derived diet and lifestyle. I think that it’s only fair to mention, to avoid possible misunderstandings or discomfort, that I do share recipes that feature meat, fish, milk and eggs and other dairy items, as well as recipes that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

For this recipe I’ve combined one of my favourite snack foods, nachos, with some leftover enchilada filling of black beans, red pepper and onion cooked in a spicy stock. I came up with this filling when I realised that the enchilada recipe I wanted to do needed kidney beans in chilli sauce. Neither Mr Other Half or myself enjoy the taste and texture of kidney beans and tend to replace them with black beans wherever possible.

Nachos and black beans

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