Illamasqua Review – Part Two

This is the second half of my Illamasqua review, which follows on from Part One (Skin Base foundation and concealer). This review was a little delayed as I was waiting for the chance to try out some 0f the Autumn/Winter collection, Generation Q, which launched in September.

I’ll be looking at two eyeshadow palettes: 4 Colour Liquid Metal and the Complement shades.

4 Colour Liquid Metal Palette

4 Colour Liquid Metal (Colours shown clockwise from upper left: Enrapture, Surge, Electrum, Phenomena)

Application: I used a flat eyeliner brush for outlining the upper lid and a clean fingertip for blending applied over the top of blended powder shadow.

Coverage and Consistency: These are cream colours and incredibly vivid with pigment. They all look convincingly metallic and are easy to build up for full coverage or for small areas of metallic colour. I used Enrapture (bronze metallic) as an upper eye line and Electrum (gold metallic).

Staying power: Unfortunately, although the colours are amazing when first applied, for me they wore off very quickly (within half an hour). The formulation of the cream colours does seem to be quite oily, for my skin type it was easily absorbed.

Overall: The Liquid Metal palette offers the best-looking metallics I’ve ever used. They give a true finish and are so striking I can’t help but love the vibrant effect they give. The big downside is that they wear off so quickly, even over eye-primer and blended powder shadow. One possible solution to this is to use a sealing gel. I think that the formulation is probably not best suited for more mature or very dry skin. If the dramatic look of metallic eye colours is your favourite, then I’d say these would be worth a try for a unique look.

Illamasqua Complement palette

Complement palette

Complement Palette (Colours shown clockwise from left: Slink, Focus, Queen of the Night, Forgiveness)

Application: All shadows were applied by brushes.

Coverage and Consistency: With this palette you have three powder eyeshadows, Slink, Queen of the Night, Forgiveness and one cream eyeshadow, Focus. All shadows are easy to apply and quickly build colour, although for really bright colour/effect you may need to apply two or more layers of a full coverage.

Staying power: A real winner! These eye shadows will stay in place all day, the pigments are amazingly durable and need little to no touching up for hours. I did find that after about six hours that some shadow would collect in eyelid creases, but after six hours I don’t know of any shadow that won’t do that. The colours were still looking fresh.

Overall: Quite simply; the best eyeshadow palette I’ve bought in ages. Initially I thought that the cream shadow, Focus, might wear off too quickly, but it was just as long-lasting as the powders when applied over eye primer. The only colour I was less happy about was Forgiveness, but that’s a personal thing as the reddish, berry-like, colour brings out the pink of my skin tone a little too much. If you have less red skin tones this shouldn’t be an issue. The colours are good for a really strong Autumn/Winter look. I went lightly for my first application, as in the photo below.

I’m delighted with the Complement palette. One last thing, I think Focus may contain some scent. Whichever one it is there is a decided aroma of chocolate when you open the case!

Complement palette applied

Complement palette applied

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