Sparkling gold leaf nails

Rococo Nail Apparel Gold Leaf Lacquer

Gold Leaf Lacquer

One of the earliest posts on Imagination is spicy was about Rococo Nail Apparel’s Embellish kit: Daring nails for the undaring. I’ve not been experimenting with new polishes recently, until I treated myself to another Rococo product, Gold Leaf Lacquer.

The lacquer contains 24 carat gold leaf, which makes it a pricey purchase but one I think is worth it for a dramatic or special effect manicure. For a first try I used it over my favourite Super Gloss Black.

Gold Leaf Lacquer applied

Gold Leaf Lacquer applied over Super Gloss Black

With the first application my thumb and forefinger turned out a bit messily because the gold leaf flakes can be a) rather fragile to handle and b) more flexible than they initially look in the bottle. For experienced nail art fans; handling gold leaf shouldn’t be too tricky if you’ve done large glitter/flake/jewel manis before.

For beginners like me, I have some tips.

1. The bottle needs a very good shake before application. The gold leaf is quick to clump together and sink to the bottom, which makes it harder to get a good distribution of large and small flakes onto the brush.

2. After removing the top, gently tilt the bottle to one side and try using the brush in a scooping action to catch one of the larger gold leaf flakes. The smaller ones tend to adhere without a problem, but you can find yourself trying to chase the large ones!

3. When you have the flake on the brush, dot it onto the nail and then use the brush to even out a thin layer of the clear lacquer and flatten the gold leaf. If you apply it with a long stroke, as for normal polishes, two things can happen: either the flake will begin to break up into smaller pieces (useful if you want a particular effect), or the flake will fold over on itself. This can make it prominent of the nail and more prone to catching on fabric.

4. To get the application as shown in the above image, each nail needed two or three dots of leaf. The lacquer thins out well, so there wasn’t a problem with edges of lacquer appearing once it dried.

5. Although the clear lacquer can be used as a top coat, I used a separate bottle to avoid accidental application of smaller gold leaf flakes. To secure the flakes I applied two layers of top coat.

I’m going to be practising more with this for a Christmas mani!

You can find Rococo products, including this Gold Leaf Lacquer, online at Space NK and Cult Beauty.

4 thoughts on “Sparkling gold leaf nails

    • Aww, thank you! Actually it’s only my left-hand that has three longer nails as the others are short at the moment (by my standards). Also, having low-profile keys on my keyboard and being a touch typist helps. 🙂

      I love them, but it can a bit of a hassle when you’re hand-making bread or pastry.

  1. I’ve heard of this stuff but not seen it yet. I love the flakes and feel like it makes for an awesome mani! I may have to save up for this one but it looks worth it!!


    • Hi Amy, thanks for the visit and comment!

      I do completely recommend this polish look, it’s so striking. A little goes a long way too, so it will be a good lasting one.

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