Pukka Ayurveda skincare review

Pukka Ayurveda products

As of late 2013: Pukka Herbs no longer make or sell their Ayurvedic skin care range. They now concentrate only on teas and herbal supplements. I have left this post in place as people may just hearing about the brand, or finding old products that surface via re-sellers.

When it comes to facial care routines I’m definitely someone who tends to stick with the same products. Once something proves effective I keep buying it, as with the Eve Lom cleanser which I find brilliant for removing make-up and have done for the last ten years.

After doing a review of two herbal teas by Pukka Herbs I noticed that the same company offers a range of facial products with organically grown herb, flower and plant formulations and made without animal testing. I was so impressed with the Harmonise tea that, for a change, I decided to try out their skin care too.

This review is for two items from the range that I’ve used: the Gentle Cleanser and the Firming Face oil.

Pukka Ayurveda Gentle Cleanser

Gentle Cleanser

Scent and consistency:

This cleanser is near scentless to me with only a slight hint of something like oat milk, which isn’t included as an ingredient. It’s light, non-greasy and more of a milk cleanser in consistency. It can be a little bit runny, so you don’t need to squeeze the tube too hard.


A small squeeze for about half a walnut size blob seems to be enough. Once massaged onto skin it does dry very quickly. At first I thought it had been absorbed by my skin but rinsing off with warm water removed the cleanser without any residue left behind.

I don’t think the formulation is really designed for removing full foundation easily (especially in comparison to my usual Eve Lom cleanser) as it took two applications. For removing something like a tinted moisturiser I think it would fine.

As a morning facial wash it works quite well. For dry skin it does seem to leave a bit of tightness. I don’t mind this as it goes after moisturising but not everyone likes that sensation.


I do like the low scent and find it refreshing, but the drawback is if you want to use it to remove make-up. If it’s a quick, rinse off, cleanser for morning use then this is worth a try, particularly if you’re looking for a relatively unscented, organic certified and cruelty-free product.

Price: £11.00 for 50ml tube

Pukka Ayurveda Firming Face Oil

Firming Face Oil

Scent and consistency:

There is a definite bitter orange scent to this product, which comes from the neroli oil in the ingredients. As it says on the bottle: it is an oil and it is not a “dry” oil either. If you’ve only used cream or milk moisturisers this could take some getting used to at first. It really only needs a very small amount, say the size of one penny coin for face and neck application, and does have to be massaged in thoroughly after cleansing.


This is my new favourite moisturising product as it deals so well with the dreaded dry skin patches I’ve had throughout winter. I’ve found that it’s reduced spot breakouts too.

As for the firming properties I can’t say that I have noticed any particular difference although I have seen an improvement in my skin texture with a brightness to my skin that has again been lacking through winter cold.


If you have dry, mature skin (especially the difficult kind with large open pores, rosacea and/or prone to spots) I thoroughly recommend the Firming Face Oil. It’s brightened up my complexion in a way other moisturisers haven’t before.

It’s an expensive product but I can see it lasting well. You do need to apply this some time before applying make-up though. It takes fifteen to twenty minutes for a slight sheen of oil to wear off which could effect make-up if applied too soon. Blotting might help too.

The only drawback I’ve found is with the design of the glass bottle. The plastic lid is a push on kind and I think it could be something that might slip off if packed in a make-up bag. As an oil is not what you want leaking over other things I’d recommend bagging it up separately for carrying around.

Price: £38.00 for 30ml