Review: This Works – Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil

This Works Dry oil

This Works is a skincare brand that I heard about this year. I decided to give their Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil a try over the summer, as during the warmer months my legs tend to get drier and more prone to itching and flaking.

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Consistency: As it’s purely an essential oil formulation, it looks a deep golden colour and applies well with gentle massaging movements. I’ve generally applied it directly after showering.

This product hasn’t transferred any oil marks from skin to clothing during use, and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy to me, although after application you can see a faint shimmer of oil for some hours. (If you like to go bare-legged during summer then this can be of benefit)

Effectiveness:  Having tried a variety of lotions, creams and oils over the years, I have to give This Works Skin Deep Leg Oil a whole ten out ten.

It has reduced itchiness and dry skin flaking in hot weather, which was a great relief from finding myself unintentionally scratching. Also, not much oil is needed for application; one squirt of the pump applicator per lower leg application has been fine in my case.

Scent: Unfortunately, this is where the oil has a minus side for me. No additional perfume has been added, the scent only comes from the blend of essential oils used, but it is really strong to my nose. The top notes are of rose and ylang ylang, with middle to base notes coming through of sandalwood, evening primrose and frankincense.

If floral shading to oriental and woody scents are a favourite then this is going to be an enjoyable fragrance. As floral blends aren’t something I really like, I find it overpowering. The scent does also faintly transfer to clothing but this usually vanishes after a wash.

Packaging: Not something I generally review but as this is a product with a higher-end price tag, the packaging has its good points and bad ones. The good is that it has an efficient pump system that doesn’t leak or dribble and gives a reasonable amount of oil at one push of the top button. The overall design is neat and unfussy.

The bad point is perhaps a more personal thing. As the bottle is an opaque white you can’t really tell how much oil has been used. I prefer any body product I use regularly to have packaging where it’s possible to see or feel how much of the product is left, particularly if a replacement needs to be ordered online.

Overall: An expensive oil at £39.50 but one that has proven really effective on my dry skin and has lasted for five months, so far, with an average of two-three uses a week. I’d recommend it for people who have dry, flaky legs that are irritated in warmer months or conditions. However, this does depend if the scent of the product is something that is enjoyable to the person using it.

Further information on the Dry Leg Oil and other This Works products are available at their website.