Ciaté Mini Mani Calendar: Days 1 to 4

Ciaté Mini Mani Month. Days 1-4

Ciaté Mini Mani Month. Days 1-4

As featured in the All things bright and shiny post; this year I’m trying the Red 2013 Ciaté Mini Mani Month calendar for the first time. I’ll be showing four of the daily polishes and top coats/effects at a time, over six posts. These will be mini-reviews with a round-up at the end of December.

All bottles included are 5 ml.

Base coat: I use Seche’s Ridge Filling Base. No top coat used for these swatches.

Here’s the first four days of what was hidden behind the doors.

Days 1-4 applied

Days 1-4 applied

Day 1. Snowglobe (applied over Amazing Gracie)

Snowglobe is a thick, clear, jelly polish containing irregular pieces of thin, iridescent plastic. When I saw it I did immediately think of Christmas as I’m certain we have a tree decoration bauble that is filled with the same shiny stuff! This shifts in colour from pink, green, gold, blue and purple when it catches the light and it’s a cheerful, fun look. Like bar glitters and large flakes; you do need to watch for pieces overhanging the nail tip edge. I’m not sure I’d use it as an everyday topcoat but it would suit a party look or Christmas-themed nail art.

Day 2. Boudoir

This is what I think of as a classic 1940-1950s screen siren polish; Boudoir is a vivid, in your face, red. It is sheer in bright light, so you can see the nail tip, even with three coats applied. I didn’t mind this but it looks more transparent in the photo than I found it by sight. It’s a fairly thin consistency but applies evenly and does dry pretty quickly. Another colour that could also be used for some Christmas-themed nail art.

Day 3. Amazing Gracie

An opaque-looking baby pink in the bottle, this is the one polish so far I’d probably skip using again. I’m not a huge fan of pale pinks, or pastels generally, but Amazing Gracie is also really sheer after three coats and with patchy coverage too. This could be down to how I applied it, as I’m not a nail polish pro, and it might work better for other people.

Day 4. Caviar Metallic Pearls in Silver (applied over Scorn by Illamasqua)

Love this one! It’s the first time I’ve tried a caviar effect, Ciaté’s or otherwise. Although I messed up the tip by knocking it when the polish was still drying; I found the whole process quite fun, if a little bit fiddly. There’s lots of helpful videos and written tips about how to apply the caviar effect so I recommend checking them out before you try. These Caviar Pearls would be my choice for a party/special occasion mani as I love the bubbly look it has.

The next post will be on Monday covering Days 5-8.