Ciaté Mini Mani Calendar: Days 9 to 12

CMini Mani 9-12

Here’s what were behind the doors of the Ciaté Red calendar from Days 9 to 12. It’s now just at the half way mark for the mani calendar month (and until Christmas)!

Base coat: I use Seche’s Ridge Filling. No topcoat applied for these swatches. All polishes applied with three coats.

Ciaté Days 9-12 applied

Ciaté Days 9-12 applied

Day 9. Candy Floss

Candy Floss is well named as a bright pink that brings to mind clouds of spun sugar at a fair. Of the other pinks included so far this is the one I find the brightest and most wearable shade; however, it seems with this four day batch of colours there were a few problems with thick consistencies, brush marks (or patchy areas) and this was true for Candy Floss too.

Day 10. Pillow Fight

In the bottle Pillow Fight initially looks a solid dark grey, I like grey shades, but this one actually dries as more of a heather purple-grey. I was surprised how sophisticated a colour it looks but the brush in this bottle was really awful, with loops of hairs stuck at the top of the brush which made the polish apply unevenly as it is a thick formula. I’d love to try this one again but I’ll replace the brush first.

Day 11. Pepperminty

Another colour that I connect more with Springtime wear, this is a pastel green/turquoise. I really wanted to like Pepperminty as it’s such a pretty, cheerful colour but the consistency was disappointing again for being quite thick and that made it awkward to apply. On application it had brush streaks and dried in patchy areas too, even after three coats.

Day 12. Caviar Metallic Pearls in Gold (applied over Cover Show Brocades in Knitted Gold by Maybelline*)

Gold is not a colour I wear often as I prefer silver and gunmetal shades but for a New Year party I think this would look stellar! More so than the other Caviar Pearls; this Gold looks eye-catchingly shiny, and would work well over quite a few different base colours.

*Additional note: In the U.S, and maybe other countries, this Maybelline polish is called Gilded Rose.

Days 13 to 16 will be featured on Monday.