Ciaté Mini Mani Calendar: Days 13 to 16

Ciaté Days 13-16

Here’s what were behind the doors of the Ciaté Red calendar from Days 13 to 16.

Base coat: I use Seche’s Ridge Filling. No topcoat applied for these swatches. All polishes applied with three coats except Encore.

Ciaté Days 13-16 applied

Ciaté Days 13-16 applied

Day 13: Encore!

Encore! is a rather unusual-looking colour in the bottle; it reminds me of a Bloody Mary (the drink), maybe shading towards a deeper terracotta. Applied it’s not really a colour that I find suits my skin tone as it’s just a bit too orange-y. It’s definitely a good Summer polish though, and with the best coverage so far as it was completely opaque with just one coat. (I applied two, but it doesn’t really need it)

Day 14: Ivory Queen

On first look I was a little puzzled by the name because this doesn’t look an ivory shade to me. I’d say it’s predominately pink with a cream-toned base and gold shimmers. It’s quite a pretty, delicate shade, particularly if you are a fan of nude looks but want something with a bit more depth. It applies smoothly but does dry quite sheer and needs building with three or more coats. Due to poor light, and the brightness of Twinkle Toes next to it, the gold particles might not stand out in the photo, but they are there and do gently catch the light.

Day 15: Twinkle Toes –  Silver Holographic Glitter effect (applied over Chinchilla)

This is the sole glitter included in the calendar. I’ve not used a glitter effect before as a top layer, mainly as I’ve stuck with polishes that have holos in them already. I’m notoriously bad at spilling glitters absolutely everywhere when doing craft projects and that made me a bit careful about how much I’d get all over the place rather than on my nail.

I put a cloth under the dish I was holding my nail over to apply it and there were particles escaping onto that. Plus, I had a couple of damp cotton buds ready to sweep extra glitter away around the nail edge. That was the really tricky part because where it wasn’t tamped down firmly into the nail polish it quickly come off all over my fingers. However, I liked the effect more than I expected and would try it again. It is super glittery and that’s not every person’s style but for a dramatic and a full-on party effect it’s worth trying out.

Day 16: Chinchilla

Chinchilla is a mid-grey polish with a strong blue tone which makes it look quite wintery, perhaps a stormy sky shade. I liked it as it’s quite striking and something I haven’t seen elsewhere. Unfortunately, it turned out a bit like Pepperminty (Day 11) to apply with a thick consistency leaving uneven, transparent patches. This is a little easier to rescue but it needs three coats to get full coverage.

The next post on Friday will be covering Days 17 to 20.