Ciaté Mini Mani Calendar: Days 17 to 20

Ciaté Days 17-20

Here’s what were behind the doors of the Ciaté Red calendar from Days 17 to 20.

Base coat: I use Seche’s Ridge Filling. No topcoat applied for these swatches. All polishes applied with three coats except Tweed and Tails.

Ciaté Days 17-20 applied

Ciaté Days 17-20 applied

Day 17. Members Only

Members Only is a nude shimmer in the same range as the one included in the calendar on Day 14 – Ivory Queen. The base colour is more towards brown with gold particles. It applies smoothly but very sheerly, so does need building with three or more coats for a noticeable effect. While I do prefer it over the pinkish shade of Ivory Queen; I’m not entirely sold on these nude colours although the shimmer does look pretty and would suit a light, summery look.

Day 18. Tweed and Tails

This is one of the more unusual colours that Ciaté has created. In the bottle it might not look like the most appealing of polishes for some people; the name suggests an outdoorsy feel but the colour seems an army green when applied. I really do love this colour though, it’s striking and different and it looks like it would be a good base for nail art or stamping. Unfortunately, it is also one that suffers from the same awkward to apply, thick, formulation that I’ve encountered with the previous pastel shades. I definitely want to try wearing it again but it does need care to avoid brush marks and two coats to be fully opaque. A topcoat might smooth out some of the marks though.

Day 19. Sequin effect – Dallas Dolly (applied over Charisma by Illamasqua)

Dallas Dolly is a combination of red and gold hexagonal sequins with small bar glitter that shifts in colour from green to blue. It looks great, and very festively themed, although l had a feeling that like the holographic glitter it might be a tricky effect to apply right the first time. It actually turned out easier than the holo glitter but it needs evenly applied pressure to ensure that the sequins stick firmly while the polish dries. Also to avoid nail overhang you do need to gently nudge the sequins and bar glitter before the polish dries completely. I would definitely apply a topcoat if I was wearing it for more than an hour as the sequin edges are likely to catch on clothing or get knocked.

I like it and will try it again, but I’d use it sparingly, perhaps with only one nail application or alternating nails. It’s a strong look and although I haven’t tried it yet I think it’s the kind of thick layer that requires several applications of remover to get it all off cleanly.

Day 20. Starlet

I’ve been really looking forward to trying Starlet as in the contents picture it looked to be a dark blue colour. I had a surprise on opening the door to realise it is a metallic polish, I was expecting a plain gloss. It applies smoothly, has a not super thick or thin feel although it is sheer for the first two coats. With three coats applied it looks much more intense. It might not be a unique shade as I have seen similar colours swatched before, but, I’d say it is definitely my favourite polish of the whole calendar so far! This will be in the regular rotation of polishes I use.

The final mini-review post will be on Monday covering Days 21 to 24.