Ciaté Mini Mani Calendar: Days 21 to 24

Ciate 21-24

Here we are at the end of the Ciaté Red 2013 calendar! These are the last four bottles behind the doors for Days 21 to 24.

I did cheat a little here and open Day 24 before Christmas Eve as this tends to be a hectic time and it wouldn’t be possible to schedule a nail swatch session then. A round-up of my thoughts on the mini mani calendar will be posted at the end of December.

Base coat: I use Seche’s Ridge Filling. No topcoat applied for these swatches. All polishes applied with three coats.

Days 21-24 applied

Days 21-24 applied

Day 21. Fit for a Queen

The second metallic shade to be included in the calendar; Fit for a Queen is a brilliant shimmer silver in the bottle. It applies reasonably well, although the first coat did show some brush marks. Two coats seem sufficient for it to be opaque and the sparkle from the particles creates an icy look, which I think is perfect for Winter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a very good shot of how pretty this looks. Fit for a Queen is an equal favourite to Starlet (Day 20) though and will definitely be in my regular polish rotation.

Day 22. Hopscotch

A neon orange which absolutely screams sunny days and partying nights. I was hesitant about wearing Hopscotch as orange clashes with my skin tones and, whilst orange can look fabulous on other people, it’s a colour that I don’t really like all that much. I doubt I will be keeping this one for future use. It applies quite sheerly so that you can see the nail tip line which does mean three or more coats for opaque coverage. Although it doesn’t seem as thick a formulation as some of the pastel shades it is also prone to getting brush marks and some patchiness.

Day 23. Caviar Metallic Pearls – Cupid’s Arrow (applied over Sugarplum)

The final of the four Caviar Pearls, this is a mix of purples, blue and pinks. As with the previous Caviars; I really love the effect although I still need some more practise at applying it. Cupid’s Arrow offers a different, lighter colour mix to Midnight in Manhattan (Day 8) and is something that would suit a fresher and less heavy metallic look than the silver or gold as a mani. In the bottle it looked more pink-toned than purple but after wearing it I thought it picked up Sugarplum as a base quite well and reflected a fetching lilac shade.

Day 24. Play Date

The last polish of the calendar; this is a hot pink neon that reminds me of the kind of searingly bright clothing you could buy in the 1980s.

Play Date is easier to apply than Hopscotch and less prone to streaks and patchiness. However, it does need building with three or more coats to not be a sheer colour.

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with this choice for the final day. There’s plenty of colours I connect with the end of year holidays but neon pink isn’t really one of them! Again, it’s a colour that I think other polish fans can really rock as a look but isn’t one I’d wear again.