Review: By Terry Cover Expert

By Terry Covert Expert

Like many make-up fans; I’ve had a foundation that I’ve stuck with for ages, Laura Mercier Silk Crème, as being my favourite. After using one product for so long there’s always that nagging question of if there’s something new or different that might be even better, so I started to look around in the ongoing quest of ‘what’s the perfect foundation for me?’

Reading so many enthusiastically positive reviews online about By Terry Cover Expert I saved to buy it in Fair Beige, as it’s definitely the most expensive of high-end foundations I’ve used regularly.

Caro's skin tone swatch


I’ve tested Cover Expert using a foundation brush, fingers and beauty sponges for application and the best method for me is by beauty sponge.

By Terry swatch in Fair Beige

By Terry Cover Expert swatch in Fair Beige

Coverage and consistency

Cover Expert is a very runny consistency coming out of the tube. It took a bit of practise to not overload my fingers for dotting onto my face but generally I use an amount which is about the size of a penny.

For coverage, initially, it seemed like a total disaster. It clogged even in quite small pores. Once applied it created a very heavy matte effect, like having fallen face first into a pot of powder, and it made skin patches prone to dryness visibly start to dry out and flake only minutes after application. I was so disappointed, but kept trying with different primers and nothing seemed to improve it.

I was on the verge of throwing it out (this is hard to do when you’ve spent so much on a product) when I came across an incredibly helpful review of how one person got the foundation to work for them. The key tip is: Do not use a primer.

Once I stopped applying a primer and put it on over my daily moisturiser (Le Roche Posay’s Rosaliac UV) it worked. Not just a little bit but completely different! No pore clogging, the coverage was even matte on application but not heavy after a few minutes on the skin, and there were no signs of it bringing out dry skin patches. The matte effect is such that it really doesn’t need any loose powder over it, although it may require some applied after five or six hours.

Cover Expert in Fair Beige Blended

Cover Expert in Fair Beige Blended

Staying power

For long-lasting wear Cover Expert actually has the edge over Laura Mercier Silk Creme. I’ve found that it does need blotting papers (I use Art Deco’s) to stay at its best, but doing so means it can last pretty close on five or six hours, for daytime wear, without needing any touch up with concealer or powders.


There’s no dodging the fact this is an expensive foundation at £45.00. However; factoring in the small amount needed for application, no primer being necessary, barely any powder required and that it lasts for months, I think it does balance out the cost. I will continue to use it in place of my old Laura Mercier foundation for day time wear as I prefer not having to apply a primer every day. However, while it does work well for unblemished skin areas; if you have any scars, spot inflammation or rosacea and want full coverage Cover Expert only blends down blemishes and still needs a concealer applied.

People with normal to dry skin would find this best in my opinion. People with oily skin could experience problems with pore clogging and may find it needs excessive blotting once applied, especially if you’re used to using an oil control primer or base.

One additional note on the runny consistency; from experience, as well as other reviews I’ve come across, I’d note that if you store it upright on the lid end you will get a certain amount running out the moment you take the cap off. I definitely recommend storing the tube either upside down or lying flat to minimise the chances of it running over your fingers when you open it.

By Terry Cover Expert is available via the SpaceNK website or its stores.