Review: a-England – Dancing with Nureyev

a-England Dancing with Nureyev

a-England is a fairly new brand for me as I only came across them six months ago, having seen fabulous review swatches for Fated Prince and Sleeping Palace on Swatch and Learn.

When it comes to nail polish there are lots of eye-grabbing puns and references used these days, but for me a-England has names that instantly make me want to wear them. This is particularly true for Dancing with Nureyev. It is from the 2014 Ballerina collection of four polishes; one which is named after the Rose Adagio from Swan Lake and three that are named after two of the most famous ballet dancers (and their legendary on-stage partnership) of the Twentieth Century: Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev.

Dancing with Nureyev is a holographic glitter polish with a base colour that is an icy blue shading to purple depending on the light.


Base coat: Seche Ridge Filler

Top coat: Seche Vite

Dancing with Nureyev is very much like the other two holographic polishes I’ve tried from a-England previously; they look quite thick on the brush but are actually some of the easiest polishes to apply that I’ve ever used, they’re not gloopy or overly thin. The brush is good quality, neither too short or thin on bristles and does long, clean strokes easily. The only thing with application I’ve found needs a bit of caution is getting your brush strokes straight as the underlying colour can, occasionally, highlight strokes if they’ve gone a bit wonky.


Pretty much ideal coverage for me; as this is contains holo glitter I tend to do two medium coats to build it but if you’re used to applying one slightly thicker coat then this polish can be done in one go without any patchiness. If applied with thin or medium coats it is touch dry in about three minutes per coat. I topped it off with Seche Vite as I wanted to keep it protected from knocks immediately after application.

a-England Dancing 2

Staying Power

With a top coat I’ve found that this polish is pretty solid and will last without chips or marks for four days, possibly longer depending on what base and top coats you use. I found I do get tip wear after 24 hours but, to be fair, I basically have that happen with nearly every polish I wear for more than a day and with Dancing with Nureyev it is a lot less noticeable than matte or crème polishes tend to be.


I was already a bit of a fan with having tried two other holo glitters from a-England which I love wearing, but Dancing with Nureyev raises the bar again, no pun intended. Considering how the base colour shifts from an icy blue to a darker blue-purple it’s gorgeously pretty to wear and a great colour for Winter/Spring.

It’s my perfect polish of this year so far, easy to apply and easy to remove with one cotton pad of remover per nail, with no staining. If you haven’t tried any a-England polishes before I thoroughly recommend trying this one. It’s priced at £9.00 and can be bought online at the a-England webstore or alternatively, if you live outside of the U.K, there is a list of stockists by country.