Review: Talika Nail Regenerator Serum

Talika Nail Serum 1

I’ve always had rather weak nails that are ridged and prone to splitting and breakage. Aside from a monthly massage of cuticle oil for a home manicure; their condition is not something that I’ve given any specific treatment to before. After last December’s intensive bout of nail polish application and removal my nails were suffering more than usual and that wasn’t much helped by the winter months either.

I’d been avoiding using polishes but that wasn’t quite enough as my nails were getting more splits than ever. I decided to try out one of the many available nail treatments with Talika’s Nail Regenerator Serum. I’ve been using this since early May, as noted in My nail and hand care basics post.

The serum is composed of three plant oils and the instruction leaflet say that it ‘hydrates, softens cuticles and stimulates growth for brittle, split and uneven nails’.

Talika Nail Serum 2


On first use you twist the base of the pen-style casing until you can see the oil start to flow through to the sponge tip. Once the sponge is moistened thoroughly you gently rub it over the cuticles until they are coated. I prefer to massage this in with my fingers to go over my nails and the skin below the cuticle up to the first phalanges, as it says in the instructions. The oil is usually absorbed or dry within about 15 minutes, so you do need to set some time aside where you aren’t handling things in case the oil rubs off. I’ve applied it before going to bed and that seems fine to do.

Application can be made on bare nails or when wearing polish, although I haven’t tried this to see if it does have any negative effect on nail polishes.

This only needs to be applied twice a week, again according to the instructions, so it’s not a lengthy, every day treatment that you might miss or get bored with if you don’t have the time for it.


The results after a month’s use are a bit mixed but it really depends on what you’re looking for in a nail treatment. This isn’t a magic bullet for all nail problems but it does work for the reason I bought it. The appearance of my nails hasn’t been dramatically different in terms of improved smoothness of cuticles or visible thickness of my nails and the time they take to grow seems the same.

What I can say is that I haven’t had a split or broken nail through accidental knocks or catching my nails when they are softened from water (which is one of the ways they develop nasty breaks and splits) in a whole month! They do appear to be stronger, more flexible and robust, than I can remember them being. On that score I give the Regenerator Serum ten out of ten and intend to keep on using it.

It also seems to be fairly long-lasting as it is meant as a 28 day treatment but I’m nowhere near running out as yet. It’s not the cheapest nail care treatment available, so I recommend looking around for a discount offer if possible (I got mine through for £20.54)

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of nails or cuticles, or find a growth encouragement treatment, then this probably isn’t the one to choose for those purposes. If it’s purely to strengthen nails to help protect against splits or breaks for fragile nails I recommend giving this a try.