Review: Lush – Million Dollar Moisturiser

Lush Million dollar pot

The summer is seemingly rushing past, so it seemed a good time to post up a review of a new (to me) moisturiser with high SPF that I’ve been trying out: Lush’s Million Dollar Moisturiser.

As many people with rosacea know; the summer is usually the hardest time of the year to avoid experiencing flare-ups as exposure to UV light increases. Having some form of sun protection, whether under make-up or not, is very necessary. Depending on skin type this can also be a really tricky balance as sun protection formulas can contain chemicals that react badly on sensitive skin. The other main issue is the level of greasiness that creams and lotions leave behind.

Caro's skin tone swatch

My usual daily moisturiser is La Roche Posay’s Rosaliac Legere UV with an SPF 15. Lush’s Million Dollar moisturiser has an SPF 30 level. What sold me on trying it out was being given a sample pot and it is the nicest smelling moisturiser I have ever tried, with hints of chocolate and sesame (sesame oil is an ingredient).

Lush Million moisturiser

Consistency and application: There’s no getting around the fact Million Dollar is quite greasy although the cream consistency doesn’t feel heavy. At first this didn’t seem too bad if applied with just a small dab of cream on fingertips. With the pinkish/gold reflective particles (an addition from another Lush product, Feeling Younger, which is a skin illuminator) it does have quite a dramatic burst of making your face look more evenly toned and fresher. I prefer to use Illamasqua’s Gleam in Aurora for this kind of effect because with the moisturiser it wears off in less than an hour.

If you do want a sunscreen moisturiser that sits comfortably under make-up then this is not the one to get. Even though I’m prone to dry skin; the cream will sit for hours without being absorbed, with a slightly tacky feeling on touching my face, and the instructions for use say its best re-applied every three hours. Which if you intend to wear make-up is going to require removing it all and re-applying.

UV Protection: If you prefer not wearing make-up this does the job well. I’ve been outdoors wearing this for a couple of hours (although not at the hottest times of day because I avoid the sun then) and there’s been not so much as a slight prickle from my skin starting to burn. There’s also been no reaction to the formulation as regards my rosacea, but it’s always worth checking the full ingredient list if you have known sensitivities to certain chemicals.

Overall: Million Dollar Moisturiser has its plus points. It’s vegetarian and cruelty-free. It does have a really lovely scent, the formulation with light-reflective particles gives a very effective brightening effect first thing in the morning and it does what it says on the pot in terms of protecting from UV light. The downsides are unfortunate as I prefer to have make-up coverage with SPF protection, and my foundation just melts off within half an hour with this moisturiser. For days without make-up this isn’t an issue, but the other side effect I have noticed is breakouts of spots after using it for more than three consecutive days. Sadly, it is just too much of a cumulatively greasy consistency to work well for daily use in my case.