12 Christmas Stockings: Rococo Spellbound Collection

Mystic Luxe, Trap Luxe, Spellbound Molten Lava

Mystic Luxe, Trap Luxe, Spellbound Molten Lava

Here to kick off the first of the reviews for Christmas nail and make-up gifts is Rococo’s Spellbound collection.

The three polishes included, with their boxed descriptions, are:

Mystic Luxe: Dramatic Dark Heather Mist

Spellbound Molten Lava: Mysterious Deepest Blue

Trap Luxe: Dangerously Lustrous Red I’ve included packaging shots as this is a really pretty gift box!

Spellbound Gift Box

Spellbound Gift Box

Rococo Spellbound polishes

Rococo Spellbound polishes

Mystic Luxe is a shimmery purple metallic creme with fine silver particles, I managed a good opaque layer with one medium coat the first time, but tried two thinner coats later on. Although the colour is one I really like, purples being a favourite, Mystic does have an odd thick but runny formulation. To be fair; my speedy application of these polishes led to them being messier at the edges than I’m usually happy with, but I did find this one tricky to handle.

Rococo Mystic Luxe Applied

Rococo Mystic Luxe applied

Spellbound Molten Lava is a deep blue, fine particle, metallic glitter in a grey/black jelly base. Application was the best of the three in consistency although this definitely takes two coats, or more, to build up the full effect.  Just one coat tends to look too streaky/transparent with the jelly base. This is also my favourite of the three as it’s a glamourous gothic style, with a hint of sparkling night skies. This one I can see making it into my regular rotation of polishes. As with most glitter polishes this can be a bit messy to get off, with sparkles getting on the cuticles, but unlike chunkier glitters it doesn’t need scrubbing off with a cotton pad or wipe.

Rococo Spellbound Molten Lava and Trap Luxe

Rococo Spellbound Molten Lava and Trap Luxe applied

Trap Luxe is an orange red creme with fine gold glitter in the bottle. Applied it looks much more of a Christmas berry red. This was the one of the three I was unsure about as I generally don’t wear red polishes, but having tried it I think it’s really striking when the glitter catches the light. Again, one medium coat can create full opaqueness but I applied two on the second use. It has a slightly thicker consistency than both Mystic and Spellbound, but the main drawback I’ve found is that it really stains my cuticles. That might be down to the polish remover I use being not quite strong enough for this colour, as it did take a couple of pads for full removal.

Base and top coat used for all polishes: Seche Ridge Filling and Seche Vite.

Overall: A good selection of colours, particularly for parties, or just to enjoy some brighter shades this winter. I think that Trap and Mystic need a practised and steady hand for a clean application though. Drying times were slow for two coats, over half an hour to be touch dry, so I recommend using a fast dry top coat or spray with them. The Rococo Spellbound gift set is available online at SpaceNK.