12 Christmas Stockings: OPI with Gwen Stefani – Rollin’ in Cashmere Collection

Rollin' in Cashmere unboxed

Onto Christmas stockings for Days 5, 6 and 7. I can imagine OPI’s Rollin’ in Cashmere set will be a popular seller for the festive season. Not only is Gwen Stefani a vibrant style icon but this is also one the most attractive of the seasonal collections I’ve seen for a mix of a metallic and glitter topcoats.

Rollin' in Cashmere Boxed

Rollin’ in Cashmere Boxed

The three polishes included are:

Rollin’ in Cashmere: yellow metallic gold shimmer

Snow Globetrotter: white sequin and iridescent rainbow glitter (topcoat)

Comet in the Sky: black sequin and iridescent glitter (topcoat)

So, how do the polishes hold up against expectations?

Rollin’ in Cashmere: At first I wasn’t too sure about how it looked. I like metallic golds, but somehow they never seem to suit me that well. This has a good formulation for a metallic, not too thick or watery and the brush is great for getting polish on in three strokes.

Rollin' in Cashmere applied

Rollin’ in Cashmere applied

On first application it did show the kind of brush stroke lines that put me off one-colour metallics and it was still semi-sheer with two applications. I really like how this colour looks though. Fortunately, applying the glitter topcoats solves some of the sheerness and brush line problems. The colour looks quite matte in natural light, so fans of glossy gold looks may not like this one so much. Under bright indoor lighting it is very shimmery.

Snow Globetrotter: It’s pretty in the bottle, like a slow moving and colourful snowstorm, but I wanted to see how it would apply. Actually I think this is really cute. It doesn’t stand out that well against a gold background, to me, and that was with two coats applied but for a ‘dusted with snow’ effect it works well! It’s also probably subtle enough against light colours that it could be worn during the day. It dries quickly for a topcoat, my two coats were done in about five minutes each.

OPI Comet in the Sky and Snow Globetrotter applied

OPI Comet in the Sky and Snow Globetrotter applied

Comet in the Sky: I think my love of black in polish form may be showing, because I instantly fell for this one. It looks gorgeous in the bottle, all full of dark and rich sparkles. Applied I find the black sequins tend to dominate over the iridescent glitter, so it does gives a speckled matte look (which may not be everyone’s favourite) and makes me think of space-inspired nail art. Again the drying time for this was fast at about five minutes per coat.

Overall: This collection is a winner for festivities at the end of the year. I’m not sure they’d be something for regular rotation though apart from Comet in the Sky because that looks fun for nail art. The topcoats are pretty hard wearing, I’ve tested them for two days with no loss of glitter, but if you want to wear them longer than that another clear top coat to prevent knocks would be recommended.

The glitter didn’t ‘stand out’ from the nail and there weren’t any catches on fabrics. If you want an even spread then to get the larger pieces of glitter it does need a gentle tilting of the bottle to ‘scoop’ them onto the brush. They may also need some careful manipulation with a brush or tool on the nail but there weren’t any overhangs of nail edges or edge curling of glitters on my applications.

OPI polishes are widely available online, I bought my set from BeautyBay.