12 Christmas Stockings: OPI with Gwen Stefani – Don’t Speak 18K Gold Topcoat

Don't Speak box

Day 8 of the Christmas stockings featured yet more gold. I was curious to try ‘Don’t Speak’ after seeing other bloggers’ photos online. I already have a 24k gold leaf lacquer from Rococo, as seen in my post Sparkling gold leaf nails, but those are large flakes and can be time-consuming to apply if you just want a dusting of gold done quickly.

Don't Speak bottle

OPI Don’t Speak bottle

In the photo below I’m still wearing the previously shown Rollin’ in Cashmere with Comet in the Sky topcoat, as I was going for a reversed colour nail look for my birthday (which is why my posts have fallen behind schedule). Sorry for the image quality but this was a surprisingly difficult polish to capture, in the bottle and on nail.

Don't Speak 18k topcoat applied

Don’t Speak 18k topcoat applied

The 18 karat topcoat is applied over Illamasqua’s Scorn. This is a matte finish polish, but, with a topcoat it is glossy.

In comparison to the Rococo lacquer; this is a total breeze to apply. I love OPI’s brushes, probably more than any other polish brand I’ve tried, and the consistency of this topcoat is probably about the same as a normal, non-speed dry, topcoat. It does dry quickly itself, about a minute or less to touch dry, so it’s really easy to apply two coats rapidly as I did. Due to the fineness of the gold leaf particles it’s not quite as immediately dramatic as large flakes, but it is pretty and catches the light really well in strong daylight and artificial lighting. Definitely a good topcoat for a party mani. I haven’t tried it over a lighter colour or a metallic gold yet but I imagine if you do that it might need three coats to really stand out.

I’ve found it to be hardwearing, I’ve had it on for two days without any chips or knocks with no other topcoat applied. The only thing I did find was that Scorn did show some nail tip shrinkage, but as I haven’t tried it with a topcoat before it may not be Don’t Speak that caused it.

Overall: It’s a great topcoat, I love how easy it is to apply and the beautiful sparkle it has, so it will be my go-to polish for a speedy, full-on party look. The only downside I’ve found so far is the price and availability, it’s expensive for a single bottle and not always sold online with other OPI ranges. I got mine from Nail Polish Direct priced at £27.95.