12 Christmas Stockings: Crown Brush Syntho Set

Crown Syntho case 2

Day 11: Crown Brush’s Syntho Set. I’ve been wanting to buy these brushes for over a year after seeing a recommendation for the brand. I have to say that up until this point my make-up kit has long been missing a proper, full-size, set of brushes. I’m the kind of person who picks up pieces here and there and makes do until they become unusable.

The oft-quoted saying that an artist is only as good as the tools they use is perhaps an overstatement, because good results can come from basic or inexpensive items, but, I have to say there is a huge difference in make-up brushes and it is a very personal choice of what you prefer.

I’ve used a mixture of synthetic and natural hair brushes before and I can’t say I was that sold on the synthetics as they tended to be stiff or harsh to use and started to ‘fray’ at the brush tips after only a few cleans. I was really pleased to find that the Crown Brush Syntho set are the softest brushes I’ve ever come across!

The set includes the following ten brushes:

Crown Synthos set numbered


1. Flat Bronzer – 33mm tip length

2. Powder Dome – 40mm tip length

3. Angle Blush – 38mm tip length

4. Large Foundation – 30mm tip length

5. Oval Shadow – 13mm tip length

6. Crease – 13mm tip length

7. Mini Fan – 14mm tip length

8. Angle Liner – 6mm tip length

9. Eye Liner – 6mm tip length

10. Spoolie

All brushes are contained in a roll-up leatherine case with magnetic closures.

I’ve tried all the brushes at least once and I’ve been impressed with the results, especially with the large foundation brush. I’ve previously been using Beauty Blender sponges and I didn’t think I would change from those. The Syntho large foundation brush is excellent though, achieving a much smoother and well-blended look than I have had from any brush or sponge before, especially given that larger pores do tend to become easily clogged with foundation.

Next favourites are the oval and crease brushes and the eye liner. Application of eyeshadows and gel/cream shadows as liners has been brilliant. As mentioned above the brushes are soft, but they don’t drop product easily, the synthetic hairs are soft, but not without firmness, so they don’t squash together and either harshly drag or give a flimsy feeling.

The angle blush and bronzer I’ve only used once as I don’t apply those products every day, but like the powder dome brush, they all hold product well and give good results without caking or dragging.

The mini fan and the angle liner are ones I have used once and don’t dislike, but, I probably wouldn’t use these as frequently as all the others, and I can’t say I’ve noticed quite so dramatic a difference from the results. The same applies for the spoolie, as I have a few of these but they tend to be something I use to groom brows only.

Overall: Well worth the cost if you want to invest in some brushes that are synthetic and upgrade to a higher quality set than ones already in your make-up kit. I think the difference in application from most of the brushes I use on a daily basis is a noticeable improvement over just about everything I’ve previously used.

The only drawbacks I’ve found so far is that the foundation brush needs a thorough clean at a maximum of two days use, it does hold product and becomes a little greasy to the touch, so to avoid build-up or bacteria transfer then a wash in baby shampoo or other suitable cleaner is advisable. I’m not a huge fan of the leatherine case, it smells rather strongly of plastic at first and I think it makes the brush set look cheaper than it actually is, but it is easy to wipe clean and to roll up, so that is purely a personal taste thing.