12 Christmas Stockings: Face Lace – Nouveau Mask

Face Lace - Nouveau Mask gold

Here we are at the last Christmas stocking with the Nouveau mask in Satin Gold by Face Lace. With my love of masks I was interested in trying out these re-usable vinyl ones since I first heard of them. For most people these would be for wearing at a party or themed event, so it offers an affordable and easier way to create a distinct look, compared to spending a lot more for a hand-made mask which might not see much use at other times.

The mask comes packaged in a lovely palette style box, with instructions on application and additional hypoallergenic glue stickers.

Despite how fragile it looks in the box, the mask itself is easy to handle although some care is needed detaching it from the backing stickers it comes with, just to ensure that some of the finer parts don’t tear. To apply to the face the instructions advise that it be applied to clean, dry skin, which makes it sound, to me, like it can’t be properly applied over make-up. However I’ve done so with this mask and not found the glue to lose its stickiness, so it may take a practice try before wearing to an event to be sure it will adhere with whatever foundation you might have on.

I’d recommend a practice with it first for several reasons:

  • You will want to check on what kind of eye make-up fits with the mask
  • Once it is applied you don’t really want to keep having to take it off to redo make-up
  • Depending on your face and features shape the mask may need a test to see what the best positioning is

With the Nouveau mask I needed to site it quite high up on my forehead, and you need to be very careful about how you glue it above and to the sides of the eyes. As this mask covers the eye area entirely; I should stress that you do not want to have it come loose and sag inwards towards your eyes. Equally, you do not want it so tight that you can feel your eyelashes touching the vinyl. The edges are thin but could scratch and cause damage if they came into direct contact. (For this reason I strongly recommend that this is not used as a toy/dressing up mask for young children. Adults only for this)

The effect is incredibly striking and for a suitable event I think it would be a very dramatic accessory, and it certainly would be for a photo shoot.

I wore it for about half an hour, so I haven’t tried it for a whole evening so far. Removing it was not a problem, the adhesive didn’t react with my skin and it left no marks or stickiness behind. A potential drawback might be that vinyl is not a breathable material, so if the environment is hot and your face gets sweaty or greasy, then the glue might start to lose its grip.

Overall: An interesting, dramatic and affordable way of wearing a mask as an accessory to an outfit. It is re-useable with the additional adhesive patches and that makes it good value for money in my view. The downsides would be that for this style of mask you do need to be careful about your eye area, so I personally wouldn’t expect to wear it all evening at a club or crowded party in the same way I’d wear other hand-made or custom masks.

This mask was purchased from BeautyBay.