My lip care basics

My lip care basics 2015

As winter weather can play havoc with lips becoming dry, cracked and dehydrated, here are some lip care basics I’ve been using this season to combat that.

Lush - Santa's Lip Scrub

Lush – Santa’s Lip Scrub

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub

This was a limited edition (only available for Christmas) with cola drink flavour sugar and the addition of tiny edible hearts. Having tried this once or twice a week, over a month, I think it is a good little product and it also looks very cute.

The cola flavour is just a small burst rather than overwhelming or lingering and obviously compliments the pure sugar.  I don’t drink cola or other soft drinks, so it would be noticeable if it was strong. Not much product is needed, just enough to dust one fingertip, so the pot should last for several months. I apply it to my bottom lip, very gently rub my lips together and lick away any excess. The scrub isn’t scratchy but you might experience a light tingle to the lips from exfoliation. The oils in the scrub and the wax hearts are quite moisturising but not so heavy as to go without an application of balm or lip moisturiser, especially if switching between hot and cold environments.

Naturally with lips that are deeply cracked and dehydrated, which might bleed with exfoliation, using a sugar scrub is not a good idea. For light to medium dryness, with no deep cracks to the skin, this will polish off small dry skin shreds and loosen other patches for further moisturising. I wouldn’t recommend using it immediately before applying lipstick or gloss as patches of dry skin could be highlighted, especially for matte lipsticks.

It can be messy transferring the scrub from finger to lip, so holding a piece of tissue underneath the applying finger should catch any stray sugar as you dab it on your lip.

A useful tip from a review on Lush’s own website suggests storing the pot upside down, as the oils will settle to the bottom and leave the top part of the sugar dry otherwise. I’ve tried this and it does prevent drying out in what was a very full pot.

Unfortunately I can’t recall the price for this scrub, but others made by Lush are available in their retail shops and online store for £5.50

S.W Basics Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint

S.W Basics Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint

S. W Basics Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint

I came across S.W Basics lip balms by chance, I’m hugely glad I did as their lip balm sticks are the best I’ve ever tried for daily use. They are non-greasy, non-sticky and good at keeping lips glossy, hydrated and smooth, with the application more like a dry oil. The best thing about this formulation is that it will last with lip rubbing and having hot drinks for over an hour without reapplying (although top-ups will be needed if lips are very dry) . It doesn’t transfer much product onto cups, food or other people either.

The company also has a strong point on creating organic, ethically sourced and animal-friendly products, with minimal ingredients so that they are suitable for people who want to avoid lengthy lists of additives, preservatives, perfumes and so on. There are also vegan versions of these lip balms (made without beeswax) which I haven’t tried as yet.

If flavoured lip balms are not a favourite, these do have quite a strong taste initially. The peppermint balm tastes like you’d get in fancy after-dinner chocolates, but it does also cause quite a strong tingle on the lips so it might not be the best balm to apply immediately after exfoliation, depending on skin sensitivity.

For use on a daily basis I got through the 4.5g stick really quickly, my first one was gone in about a month and at £4.00 a stick that can add up to a lot on lip balm. I do recommend them though because of how effective they are.

S.W Basics products are available online at

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

I have a bit of a mixed relationship with this balm because it has a highly sticky, gooey texture (with long hair, if it blows across your face, then it will get stuck to your lips wearing this) and it’s not ideal for putting on before eating or drinking because it transfers the stickiness to everything. It is definitely unsuitable for people who prefer not to use animal products because it’s pure, medical grade, lanolin.

The reason I find it invaluable is that for outdoor activities during the winter this is the best product I’ve found to stop your lips cracking in freezing cold winds, rain or snow. Once it is applied it will stay in place for two or more hours, if you avoid eating or drinking.

It’s highly effective at moisturising and calming sore and broken skin and protecting it from further damage. Being free of perfume, preservatives and flavouring it is fine for applying to sensitive skin areas. Having had inflamed, dry skin around my nose from a cold, I smeared some of this on before sleeping and found the redness and dryness almost gone by morning.

The tube will last for ages, which is good given the price, £11.50, if you use it only when needed for skin protection. I’ve had one tube last me for 16 months and it doesn’t go out of date for 36 months according to its label.

Dr Lipp balm is available at many online retailers, I bought mine at