Blog Policies

Blog Policies covers Comments, Image and Content usage.


Prior to October 2013 moderated comments were allowed to appear on all posts. I have since changed Imagination is spicy to having the commenting facility turned off. Occasionally, on posts where it may be of use to readers, moderated comments will be allowed but this is only when I consider it a necessary and helpful facility.

My gratitude and thanks to all the followers and readers who, over the blog’s history, have taken the time to make appreciative, interesting and kind comments. I apologise to readers if they find the general lack of commenting facility makes for a less enjoyable, contributive, experience, but, please bear in mind that for this blogger it produces an overall happier and more relaxed writing environment.

For queries or feedback: Please use the Contact form to get in touch.

Image and content usage

All photographs and graphics are my own work, unless credit is given to a specific individual.

All written content is my own work, unless credit is given to a specific individual. Reproduction of my posts in full (apart from using the ‘Share this’ social media buttons) requires my written permission.

If there is an image, photo or post that someone wishes to use, I prefer to be asked first. Please use the Contact form for this.

I’m generally okay with people sharing my images, for non-commercial reasons, as long as name credit appears and a link is given to this blog.

People who use my images without permission, name and link credit, and especially those who try to claim the work is their own, will risk having one really persistent person on their case.

Do not use images credited to another person on this site without contacting them directly for permission or without checking if a specific Creative Commons License has been used.

Thanks for reading my blog policies.