Elegant Military Coloring Pages to Print

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military coloring pages to print - Love Army Coloring Pages

Love Army Coloring Pages
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military coloring pages to print - 40 army pictures to print and color

40 army pictures to print and color
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military coloring pages to print - Sizable Army Coloring Pages Free Printable For Kids

Sizable Army Coloring Pages Free Printable For Kids
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Confidence Building Activities For Kids

Activities and games offer a fun way to build your child’s confidence. Here, we have five simple yet effective confidence-building activities for kids.

1. This year’s accomplishments
Based on the point that you should focus on the positive, this activity encourages the child to recall all that she has achieved in the past year. This can be an excellent New Years’ Eve activity for youngsters.

How to:

Give the children a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.
Give them 15 minutes each to list down all their accomplishments – big and small – on that sheet of paper.
Once done, read them aloud with pride.
If there are a group of children, ask the kids to fold the paper with their accomplishments and write their name on it.
Put the folded papers in a bowl and pass around so that each kid picks a sheet.
Each one reads aloud the accomplishments of the other while the others cheer for them.

2. Magic box
This is a creative way of boosting the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

How to:

Construct the magic box by placing the mirror inside it, such that anyone who peeks inside sees his or her image.
Put the magic box in the center. Ask the kids, “Who do you think is the most special person in this world?”
Wait for them to answer and tell them that the magic box will help them discover the most special person in the world.
Ask the child who they think they will see in the box and then allow them to peek.
After the exercise, ask how the children felt after what they saw inside the box. An explanation that each one of us is special with our unique traits and a discussion about everyone’s unique aspects can follow this.

military coloring pages to print - military coloring pages coloringlmiinspector

military coloring pages coloringlmiinspector
Source: worldwartwo.filminspector.com

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3. Managing things better (getting organized)
This activity aims at helping the child focus on her goals and organize things to achieve her school assignments effortlessly.

How to:

Determine how far ahead you want to plan your goals – daily, weekly, or monthly.
Prepare a table with four columns, one each for Subject, Assignment/task, Due Date, and Date Completed.
Stick this on the fridge or the kid’s bedroom wall.
Fill the sheet every time the child has to complete an assignment and has a deadline to do it.
Check the assignment once it is done.
The sheet allows the child to keep track of her progress and the duration it took her to complete it. You could make it more exciting by giving the child a star or a smiley every time she finishes the task on or before time.

4. Get things done (don’t wait too long)
When you are not very confident about something, you tend to postpone doing it. But the more you postpone it, the more you doubt you can do it.

How to:

This activity can be used to bring a change in the child’s goals, grades, or even habits.
Create a table with two columns – Changes I want to make and Steps I have to take to make the change.
Ask the kid to write down what she wants to change and what she needs to do for that change. And then, help the kid take those steps as soon as it is feasible.

military coloring pages to print - Free Printable Army Coloring Pages For Kids

Free Printable Army Coloring Pages For Kids
Source: ficardo-weddings.com

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5. Same letter, different name
This is a fun game that can encourage your kid to give a positive description of themselves. The game can be played by two or more people.

How to:

One person says ‘start’, and the child starts reciting the alphabet in her mind. When the person says stop, she stops at whatever letter she has reached.
The child must then come up with as many positive words about herself as she can with that letter.
This is a simple game that can encourage the child to think about all that is good about herself and boost her confidence.

6. Move to the music
Dancing is fun. But some kids are shy, and others don’t want to dance because they think they’re not good. Well, this activity can challenge such thinking.

How to:

Play the music.
Ask the kids to come on to the dance floor and just move their bodies according to the music.
It doesn’t matter how they do it or if it is silly. Even if they just want to jump, let them do it.
Remember that the aim is to bring the child to the dance floor and move. Even if it is for a couple of minutes, appreciate his effort to dance, despite his fears.

7. Get creative
Another way to build the child’s confidence is to encourage them to try something creative. We have picked an activity with storytelling.

How to:

Sit in a group and pick a theme. Let the child choose a topic.
Encourage her to open the story if she can. Otherwise, you open the story and ask the child to build it from there.
Encourage the child to get creative, use her imagination to weave the story any way she wants. Let her know that it doesn’t have to be real because it is ‘her’ story and she can have anyone she wants in it.
No matter what the story is, appreciate the effort that the child has put in. This activity will also give you an insight into the child’s thought process.

In addition to these, you can also try role playing games, timed activities, and team building games to encourage your child to do whatever she can, confidently. That said, your child won’t become the confident person you want her to be overnight. It is a work in progress that will need you to be patient and supportive of the child to get the desired results.