Ciaté Mini Mani Calendar: Days 21 to 24

Ciate 21-24

Here we are at the end of the Ciaté Red 2013 calendar! These are the last four bottles behind the doors for Days 21 to 24.

I did cheat a little here and open Day 24 before Christmas Eve as this tends to be a hectic time and it wouldn’t be possible to schedule a nail swatch session then. A round-up of my thoughts on the mini mani calendar will be posted at the end of December.

Base coat: I use Seche’s Ridge Filling. No topcoat applied for these swatches. All polishes applied with three coats.

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Ciaté Mini Mani Calendar: Days 1 to 4

Ciaté Mini Mani Month. Days 1-4

Ciaté Mini Mani Month. Days 1-4

As featured in the All things bright and shiny post; this year I’m trying the Red 2013 Ciaté Mini Mani Month calendar for the first time. I’ll be showing four of the daily polishes and top coats/effects at a time, over six posts. These will be mini-reviews with a round-up at the end of December.

All bottles included are 5 ml.

Base coat: I use Seche’s Ridge Filling Base. No top coat used for these swatches.

Here’s the first four days of what was hidden behind the doors.

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A kind of comic book life: 164 Days

164 Days C1 by Kirsty Mordaunt

164 Days by Kirsty Mordaunt

164 Days is the second webcomic to be featured in this series and is written and created by talented illustrator Kirsty Mordaunt.

This is another example of a comic that I only came across earlier this year and which has become a favourite weekly read. The setting of 164 Days is in the creator’s words:

“… loosely based on a Steampunk/Late Victorian innovation period, where science and invention are highly prized, and airships are still a primary mode of travel (mostly because of Weather Witches). Trains exist but cars are not widely used.”

The main story opens with Wil Andersen, an eighteen year old boy, who is anxious about his older brother, Jakob. Jakob having left the family home suddenly, in the middle of the night, now seems to have vanished without trace.

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All things bright and shiny – Colourful nails in December

Ciate calendar red

One of the little, decorative, things about Christmas that I love is the advent calendar. Although I can remember some as being full of mostly plastic-tasting chocolate when I was younger, these days you can get them in all kinds of fabulous variations, from home-made craft ones to calendars for the most luxurious of tastes.

This year I fell for something in the middle ground. It’s Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month Calendar. I’m really keen to try this out as I haven’t used Ciaté’s nail products before, so this seemed a fun way of sampling the different colours. Unfortunately, I can’t show the bottles out of the box as that would be spoil my fun for December!

This Red 2013 version is available exclusively through SpaceNK and they are selling out quickly. (That is for the U.K, I’m not sure for international customers and it isn’t listed on their U.S site)

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